Has your car lost its shine and luster? You need to get the best car scratch remover to reduce the appearance of these scratches. Here’s everything you need to know about car scratch removers and how they work.

Having your car in top condition with its original paint and shine is every car owner’s dream. However, it’s difficult to maintain a car’s glistening exterior with the state of the roads or from other careless drivers.

While body shops can get your car looking new in minutes, they are costly and not the best option if you’re on a budget. The best news is that you can remove these scratches at home with a scratch remover.

With various brands to choose from, the process of selecting the best car scratch remover can be exhausting. We’ve made your work easier by giving you some features to look out for as well as top picks in 2019 to remove minor blemishes and create a lustrous look.

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How Does Car Scratch Removal Work?

best car scratch remover
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Scratch removers are excellent in dealing with light scuffs, marks, and scratches. Most of the removers come in various forms, some in liquid form and others in a paste form.

Car scratch removers work by eroding your car’s top coat. The abrasive chemical strips down the thin layer over your car’s paint. The friction evens out the surface, which reduces or removes the appearance of scratches.

Best car scratch remover systems have a filler wax. The wax replaces the worn off bits of top coat. Car experts recommend waxing your car after getting rid of scratches to get your top layer back, something that protects your paint and gives your vehicle its luster.

You’ll notice that some kits have a waxing step after using the abrasive to remove the scratches.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We chose our list of the best car scratch removers were tested based on positive and negative customer reviews. Our research took into consideration the rate of progress of each remover and the quality of finish each remover gave. We also compared the prices depending on the quality of finish each remover provided.

Top 7 Best Car Scratch Remover

Some of the best car scratch removers in 2019 include:

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Stars 5/5

Meguiar’s is a favorite brand that works to remove any paint defects. The G17216 is effective in eliminating any scuffs and blemishes on your paint. You can get the product in a 15-ounce bottle that comes with a compound that contains different abrasives to help restore your car’s finish without the need for sanding.

The formula works as a polisher and sander in a single step, something that makes your work easier and quicker. You can use this product before waxing. It’s best to use the compound in a small area instead of handling a huge area at a time.

What’s more, you can choose to use your hand for small spots or a drill with a disc pad for larger areas. Remember to wax the car after using the Meguiar’s formula to preserve its finish.


  • Effective in scratch removal
  • Restores paint and gives you a smooth finish
  • Saves time with its sanding and polishing properties


  • Requires extra care to use
3M Scratch Remover, 39044, 8 fl oz,Black
  • Scratch remover eliminates scratches, swirl marks and more
  • Formula contains no wax so scratches are polished out, not filled in
  • Compound combines medium-cutting with fine finishing

Stars 4.9/5

The 3M scratch remover gets rid of light scratches on your car’s surface. You can have your paint looking new once you apply the formula on simple scuffs. Unlike other car scratch removers, the 3M comes with a three-step process to get you the desired results.

You’ll need to sand the scratch slowly, use a compound to repair the scratch, and polish the paint to achieve a shiny, glossy finish. If you have scratches around the door panels, roof, trunk, or the handles, the formula can help you handle them with ease.

The repair kit comes with a disc pad holder that you can attach to the drill when buffing and sanding for that smooth finish. You’ll love how clear the instructions are as they come with an easy to read set of instructions.

With its reasonable price and performance, you can have your car looking brand new in no time.


  • Effective and fast
  • Able to work with power tools


  • You can’t use the product more than once as it comes with sachet packets
Turtle Wax 50734 Complete 6-Piece Compound, Polishing & Scratch Kit
  • 6-Piece Kit: Premium Polishing Compound 18 Fl Oz. (T417), Premium Rubbing Compound 18 Fl Oz. (T415), (2) Foam...
  • Contains 2 solutions to remove light to heavy scratches and imperfections
  • Formulated with fine cut ingredients & professional grade lubricating oil

Stars 4.8/5

Turtle Wax scratch remover works for both light scrapes and deep scratches. The scratch remover comes as a complete kit to make your work easier. You can use the sanding pads when dealing with deep scratches and the clear coat pen to handle light scuffs.

Also, the remover has a paint clarifying compound and a spray lubricant for that glossy finish. You can comfortably blend the repair part with the original finish. The product works best in layer removal and not filling in scratches.

The best part is that you can use the Turtle Wax scratch remover for faded headlights.


  • Kit has polishing pads, paint clarifier, spray lubricant, and a clear coat pen
  • Provides long lasting shine
  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Needs regular application
  • Doesn’t handle deep scratches well like other scratch removers
Barrett-Jackson Microfiber Wax and Polish Applicator Pads 5 Inch 2...
  • Evenly distribute wax, polish, sealant, and more.
  • Exterior and interior clean - streak-free, scratch-free, and lint-free.
  • 5 Inch triangular shape perfect for handheld application.

Stars 4.8/5

Barret Jackson scratch remover is an advanced formula that helps to remove scratches on your car’s surface. The product works well for blemishes, buffing out, small touchups, and blending. You can use on all painted finishes, that includes clear coat surfaces.

You don’t have to worry about powder residue as the scratch remover leaves you with a glossy finish. It’s also simple to use and clean up, not to mention that it won’t damage your car’s exterior.


  • Removes scratches
  • Restores dullness
  • Works on various products


  • Only works for light scratches
Mothers 08408 California Gold Scratch Remover - 8 oz.
  • Works on any finish to restore paint and remove surface scratches
  • Best to follow up with a waxing to properly seal and protect
  • Easy to use bottle for a little help here and there

Stars 4.7/5

Mother’s gold scratch remover comes in an 8 oz. bottle and works well for smooth and light surface scratches. You need to apply the compound for some time to remove the scratch marks; the next step involves creating a smooth finish and a glossy look after buffing.

Although the process may seem tedious, it gets the job done well. You may need to wax the surface to preserve your paint.


  • Reasonable price
  • Works on different finishes
  • Effective results
  • Abrasives for fine compounding and polishing


  • Extra steps to get a glossy finish
Chemical Guys COM_129_16 Scratch and Swirl Remover (16 oz)
  • This can remove many moderate to heavy surface imperfections. Works on all colors
  • Works like a compound, a polish and a cleaner
  • Eliminates surface imperfections

Stars 4.7/5

The Scratch and Swirl remover by Chemical Guys works to remove simple to heavy surface scratches. Although it’s slightly expensive than other scratch removers, it gets the job done quickly.

What’s more, it doesn’t have silicone or wax, which helps to handle oxidation, scratches, and swirls. You can use the formula on ceramic finishes and clear coat paints without worrying about it filling in the scratches.


  • Versatile product
  • Able to handle deep scratches


  • You can’t use it  by hand
  • Perfect for advanced users
Formula 1 Scratch Out - Scratch Remover for All Auto Paint Finishes -...
  • ADVANCED MICROPOLISHERS - Formula 1 Scratch Out liquid scratch remover contains micropolishers that are able to remove...
  • RENEW YOUR VEHICLE'S LOOK & COLOR - With this unique liquid wax, you can restore your vehicle's paint color to a...
  • NON-ABRASIVE LIQUID WAX - Formula 1 Scratch Out contains powerful Carnauba wax that protects your car or motorcycle from...

Stars 4.6/5

Scratch Out is a non-abrasive liquid was that has micro-polishers that help to remove swirl marks and fine scratches. Unlike other scratch removers that handle swirl marks and heavy oxidation, Scratch out’s formula can’t deal with these.

However, it’s easy to apply and adds a layer of protection to your car’s exterior surface.


  • Adds a layer of protectant to the car
  • Works to remove fine scratches


  • Fills in scratches instead of removing them

Buyers Guide

Looking for a car scratch remover is similar to finding any other car accessory. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from, which may leave you confused. It’s essential to have some pointers into the features to look for in a car scratch remover.

Some of the aspects to consider include:

Get to Know the Different Scratch Removers - You have an option of picking the compound car scratch remover or an abrasive remover. Compound car scratch removers have a material that fills the scratch, which makes the scratch invisible. Most of these scratch removers have a buff or polish material that reduces the appearances of scratches.

Abrasive removers mix a compound and polish to get rid of scratches on the car’s layer. You’ll then need to buffer the scratch to reduce its appearance. However, you only need to use the abrasive removers if you have car care experience.

Understand What Type of Scratches You’re Dealing With - Do not rush to buy any car scratch remover if you don’t know the type of blemish you need to reduce. Clear coat scratches occur at the outer layer of the car’s exterior surface. These scratches are easily removable, and in no time, you can restore the shine and luster to your vehicle.

Base coat scratches occur where your car paint is, and need some extra care to remove. You need a car scratch remover that matches the color of the car. Simply brush the base later and sand the overrun to cover the bottom of the scratch. Finish the process by applying a clear coat for a smooth finish.

Primer coat scratches can cause severe damage if they’re thick enough to get under the basecoat. The ideal scratch remover should replace the primer coat. You’ll then need to follow the steps to remove scratches for the clear coat and base coat.

It’s critical to understand that car scratch removers may not handle deep scratches; you may need to visit an auto body shop. Also, you may need to repaint the body to get your car looking new again.

Kit or No Kit - Car scratch removers can come either as a kit or as a single set. Packages have additional accessories like a scratch remover rubbing compound, a polishing pad, a sanding paper, and more. These accessories help to provide desired results and work well with light scratches.

Removers that come as a single set may have a polisher and compound all in one, which makes your work easier.

Ease of Use - Find a scratch removal kit that is easier to use if this is your first time getting rid of scratches. Some have a manual that acts as a user guide, while others may not have any manual to follow. Also, opt for versatile removers that can work by hand or a machine.

Go for Reputable Brands - Opt for high quality brands that specifically deal with the best car scratch removers. Most famous brands have effective products to suit your needs and budget. Remember that some products that claim to be the best don’t remove scratches, but hide them.

Always read the instruction manual to determine how a scratch remover works and the best way to apply it to get the desired results.

Work With a Budget  - While the cheapest car scratch removers may not get you the best results, you shouldn’t splurge on the most expensive remover. Find an effective remover that’s within your budget to avoid overspending.

Using a Car Scratch Remover - Find a warm day, but not an excessively hot day. Temperatures of between 70 and 80 are ideal for working with when dealing with scratch removers.

Always start with a clean car before using a remover. Apply the sandpaper to the target area and scratch down the scratch. Add the car scratch remover to a clean cloth or pad.

A few scratch removers have a polishing compound and a repair compound as separate items, while others combine the two into a single formula. Put the cloth on the scratch, and apply enough pressure in a back and forth motion.

Buff off any remains and check the scratch. You can repeat the process if the scratch is visible. If this doesn’t work, sand the area using a compound. The method is best for deep scratches. 

Comparison Table

Final Thoughts

The best car scratch remover can help give your vehicle that glossy finish. What’s more, you could extend the life of the paint apart from dealing with stubborn scuffs and scratches. Pick one remover from our list above to get the job done right.

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