Nearly everyone understands that when you own a car, there are components that require periodic changing, like your air filter, oil filter and engine oil.

It is recommended to do so every 15,000 miles.

Clogging, as a result of buildup compounding in the air filter, is not an immediate occurrence.

This happens over time.

This chokes of the air supply and then leads to more detrimental issues in the engine. First, it will usually diminish performance and cause you to purchase more fuel.

Thankfully, replacing an air filter is one of the simpler tasks that any car owner can hope for, when it comes to taking care of a vehicle.

Doing this frequently will ensure that your car continues to run properly.

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Let’s Examine Air Filter Cleaning Techniques

Different people, have different practices, which they used to clean an air filter. This ranges from washing the filter to vacuuming it.


Washing Your Air Filter

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Utilizing a cleaning solution is one suggestion. However, there are risks involved. First and foremost, a wet air filter will negatively impact your engine.

And then you will have greater issues to worry about.

Nonetheless, using soap makes for a cleaner air filter. You must, however, ensure that the air filter is fully dried out before reinstalling into your car.


Vacuuming Your Air Filter

Then there is the vacuuming alternative.

It too has its compensation and shortcomings. While it is less timely than washing your air filter, it is not the cleaner of the two approaches.

However, you will cause less harm, than putting in a wet air filter could cause.


Find and Take Out Your Air Filter

One of the basic ways to approach the cleaning of your air filter is to first start by reading your car manual. It will help you find the air filter if you are not already aware of where it is.

The internet is also another solution, to that problem.

Or you can ask your mechanic to show you where it is, on your next visit.

An air filter will more often than not be somewhat effortless to access that is because it is located in a canister.

Some of them can be accessed by using a wing nut. For other model cars, you just have to pop a few clamps. This is a straightforward process.

The filter as a rule can just be pulled out, unrestricted.


Cleaning the Air Filter

If you opt to clean the air filter with soap water, then just place it in a pan of water, add soap and stir it around.

You can leave it in the solution for a few minutes.

Then remove the filter, throw out the soapy solution and replace with clear water.

Swish around the air filter again. After which, put it on a towel, in the sun to dry. You must be sure that the air filter is completely dry before returning inside your car.

If the soap water is not the choice for you, then grab your vacuum and run it over the air filter for a couple minutes.

Repeat on the other side.

A neat trick is to clean completely, your vacuum chamber before using it on your air filter. This will give you a better idea of how much muck the vacuum actually retrieved from the air filter.


Cleaning the Canister that Houses the Air Filter

No matter how you clean the air filter, ensure that you also tidy the canister also. Simply use a soft cloth to dust out and wipe away any dirt or grime.

Leaving any residue will contaminate your air filter quicker.

Just in case the canister needs a wet cleaning, dry it out afterwards with a dry cloth. Remember, water and engine is a bad combination.


Put Back the Air Filter

So have a dry canister and restore a completely dry air filter.

Follow the steps mentioned when opening the chamber, but in reverse. Once that is complete and you close the hood of your car, you are finished cleaning your air filter.

Easy as can be.

Bet you didn’t think the process was that easy.

Many people have been taught to just buy a new air filter. But an air filter can last you the 15,000 miles and a bit more. This saves your pocket from the strain and you can reallocate your resources to more necessary car expenses.


Does Your Air Filter Need Changing?

So, how can you tell when your air filter needs changing?

When you examine the air filter after removing it from its chamber, and it looks disgusting or a black mess.

Also, if you notice that your vehicle is not operating at the usual optimal levels. And if you are paying slightly more for gas when there has been no announced gas increases.

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