You need to see the road and surrounding areas clearly, at night, when driving a car. So driving a car with a foggy headlight can jeopardize your vision and by extension your life.

Very frequently, it is every driver’s responsibility to check his or her headlights and ensure that it provides the most favorable visibility, when required.

This asks that you do more than just your headlight bulbs.

It means that you will also have to clean your foggy headlights, on an as needed basis.

If truth be told, your headlights’ can’t effectively operate if they are hindered by fogginess of the lenses.

So, to understand this issue better, our article will continue to look at the why you get a foggy headlight and how to clean foggy headlights.


Understanding Foggy Headlights

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If you become aware of the fact that the beam originating from your headlights is getting diminished, then it’s possible that you have foggy headlights.

From time to time car owners will see that the lights are less bright and also that it appears a bit yellowish.

It has a dingy tinge.

This is what we see when the headlights get foggy.

There is a scientific answer for this occurrence.

The majority of headlight lenses nowadays are manufactured from a chunky synthetic having polycarbonates. It is very different from the glass lenses found in older cars.

Plastic lenses were developed because they are scratch-resistant and tough.

But, because your car is continually exposed to UV rays from the sun, the outer layers of polycarbonate plastic start to break down and degrade.

When this occur another reaction also begin to take place. That is the car lenses also start soak up the blue light, which is emitted by the bulbs.

This is generated from a less intoxicating, yellowish light.

Thankfully, getting rid of this substance is not very difficult.


Products to Get Rid of Foggy Headlights

A large amount the car supply retailers have a couple products that you can consider for cleaning a foggy headlight.

They were made with this purpose in mind.

And they can reverse the effects of the UV rays on your car lights.

These products often have the description “headlight lens restoration,” or “headlight restoration kit.”

These products are easy to use.

They won’t take much time to get rid of foggy headlights that diminish the beam coming from your car.

There are several cheap ways to get the job done as well.

This is by using products that you usually have tucked away at home.

Foggy headlights can be cleared up by using toothpaste and baking soda.

Wow, right!

Baking soda is the gift that just keeps giving. It is a great many uses. These items are gentle on the headlight and won’t damage or scratch the surface.

Keep in mind that Rain-X, which is a polishing compounds can be used as well, to negate the UV rays damage to your car.

So ensure that you have any of these items on hand, to tackle the job.


How to Clean Foggy Headlights

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This job does not require too many items.

To clean the foggy headlights of your car, you simply need baking soda, or toothpaste, a cleansing kit, towels or a rag, latex gloves and water.

Other necessary items include a mild cleanser and a soft-bristled brush.


Get Rid of Any Debris on the Surface

Using a mild cleanser, spray the headlight surface and smoothly wipe down your car headlight.

Then you will want to ensure that no gunk, dead pests, particulate or dirt remains. Once the surface is rid of these things, continue to the next step.


Use a Towel to Dry the Surface

So you have clean off any dirt and other particles with your wet cleanser. You then need to dry completely the surface with a towel, to prepare it for the next step.


Put on the Headlight Cleanser on to the Surface

Apply a decent quantity of cleanser on to the headlight after you remove it from the headlight restoration kit.

If you don’t have the kit, then use your baking soda or toothpaste.

You want to use a thick amount.

The baking soda must first be mixed with a little water to make a paste.

Let the solution remain on the headlight for about 5 to 15 minutes, to the point where it starts to dry somewhat.


Utilize a Tooth Brush to Remove the Cleanser from the Surface

Try to use a circular movement when removing the cleanser.

Slowly move around the entire surface of the headlight. The cleanser may be a bit abrasive, so take care not to damage the plastic surface.

Gradually, you will notice that the fogginess or yellow stuff being removed.


The Final Step to Cleaning a Foggy Headlight

Use a soft towel to remove excess cleanser from the surface.

You should use a rag or towel that does not have any of the cleanser in it. After buffing away the area, no stains or residue, should be left behind.

If some is left, use the water to get rid of any dried on stains. Then polish the area again.

You will find that the process is quite easy. You just could incorporate a quick snack.

The area should instantly appear clearer, which means your visibility, while driving will improve

No more foggy head lights!

Try using this process as often as needed.

(Now for a shinier car, here’s our guide on how to wax a car.)

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