Purchasing a car comes with a lot of responsibility.

That is why many people often refer to it as their new baby. And just like a child, it needs to be maintained and feed.

Cars are expensive and are the kind of asset that depreciates in value.

That is why it is important to maintain its appearance.

Failing to do so can cost you more than just money. It can cost you your life.

The exterior of a car is constantly bombarded by wind, snow, rain and harsh sunlight.

Not to mention the plethora of external factors, like bird poop that seems to find your car always, no matter where you park it.

For this reason, we have to take great care of the outside of our car.


Why Should I Wax My Car?

When there is buildup on the paint of the car, it can affect the color and integrity of the car. Your car can begin to rust as well.

Regular hand waxing is advised if you want to protect your car’s external surfaces.

It is recommended highly and frequently, by the top people in the business.

Because you help to keep your car in good shape and your resale value will be higher than if it was not maintained at all.

So your paint job and clear coat will be protected, for a long period.

Failing to wax to your car, means that you will see more cosmetic defects than usual.


How Often Should I Wax My Car?

Generally, it is advised that you wax your car about four or five times a year.

You don’t want to wax less than once every six months.

You can time it right by getting your car waxed before the extreme weather months, namely winter and summer. So you want to wax your car in fall and spring.

There are a lot of UV rays to contend with 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Therefore waxing your car is like suntan for your vehicle.


How do you know if your car requires waxing?

Well, you can do a water test.

Throw some water onto your car. If you are seeing the water accumulate like pebbles, then it doesn’t need to be waxed.

However, if it runs off freely with no clusters, then it needs to be waxed.

Deciding on how to wax a car is dependent on your personal preferences. Some people are open to doing it themselves. While others prefer to let the professionals handle the job.

Neither is the wrong way.

If you loved the “Karate Kid” as a child. Just remember the wax on, wax off method. It will come in handy.

Just ensure that you have all the items that you will need. This includes a non-abrasive, premium car wax, microfiber applicator pad, microfiber towel, wash mitt, water and a bucket.


Instructions for How to Wax a Car

So if you are looking to maintain the integrity and shine of your vehicle, below you will find the steps to waxing your car.


Set Up Your Car

First, you will need to get your car washed and dried. This has to be done be before you can apply the wax and then shift the vehicle out of the direct sunlight.


Put Wax on the Applicator

Douse the applicator that usually is in the container with the wax. It must be damp before application.

Then immerse the damp applicator into the wax container. For liquid wax, you will be required to throw out some wax a terry cloth rag or on the applicator itself.


Wax the Car

Using tiny, circular strokes put on the wax to the car. Then continue the process, by administering the wax to small sections of the vehicle at a time.

Permit the wax to dry off somewhat. This is necessary, so that there is no hazy residue left on the car.


Buff off the Wax

Make use of a doubled up microfiber towel to remove any waxy residue. Keep doing this, using circular strokes. Change to the unused side of the towel and utilize it to clean or buff the area.

Continue until you get a high shine.


Maintain Your Car with Wax

Taking care of your car is important to maintaining the longevity of the car. Vehicles take a lot of wear and tear and require constant servicing.

After all, we put our lives in their trust, on a daily basis.

Not only should we service our car regularly. We should clean the inside, outside and the undercarriage as well. Dirt, oil and other debris can get lodged in places and this will cause unforeseen issues at a later time.

If you want to stay on the minimal side, when you see the sheen becoming diminished, you can wax your car once every three months.

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