Transmission repair sends car owners into an immediate panic because many see only dollar signs when it comes to repairing a vehicle’s transmission.

In fact, many car owners begin to weigh the pros and cons of fixing or replacing a transmission vs. buying an entirely new car.

While transmission replacement is one of the most expensive jobs done when maintaining a vehicle, sometimes the repairs can be simpler than though.

Or sometimes it is not even a transmission issue – but an engine issue.

We have taken and broken down some common transmission issues and costs to repair them for the consumer looking to educate themselves.

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Common Signs Your Transmission May Need Repairing

The check engine light is on, or maybe you have noticed a puddle under your car. These are all signs that something fishy may be going on with your transmission, so we have put together a short list of symptoms that your transmission may need repairing.


  • Check Engine Light – This little light can mean a variety of different things, but when it pops up on your dashboard, you know it is time to get it looked at. Taking it to a shop or dealership and having them check the trouble-code will tell you if it is a transmission problem or not.
  • Low Fluid/Fluid Leak – A fluid leak is the easiest way to identify if your transmission needs repairs or not. If you start to notice fluid on your driveway, or if you check your level and see it is low, then you know it is time to have a mechanic take a peek. You also will want to check the fluid’s color and scent. If it smells like it is burning, or if it looks dark in color, then you will want to get it replaced as soon as
  • Delayed/Abnormal Shifting – A car with a properly functioning transmission will remain in the gear you put it in. If you start to notice that the transmission refuses to shift when you take your foot off the clutch, or if you notice your gears slip (randomly pop out of gear or return to neutral), then it is time to call the shop.


Transmission Repair – Breakdown of Costs

Transmission repairs can cost a pretty penny, yes, but the costs depend on several factors including your vehicles make and model, the shop you take it to, your location and if it is a manual or automatic transmission.


Repair Transmission Fluid Leak

One of the most common transmission issues is low fluid level caused by a leak. A few possible causes of a leak include fluid seepage and an axle seal leak. If you notice a reddish or brown fluid under your car, you will want to have the transmission checked by a mechanic. Typically, the cost to repair a leak is between $150 and $200.

Shift Solenoid Replacement

The transmission control module, the brains of the transmission, will send power to one of the shift solenoids to shift gears. According to RepairPal, inside the solenoid, there is a plunger surrounded by a magnetic coil.

When the transmission control module triggers the coil, the plunger moves and allows pressurized hydraulic fluid to flow to certain areas of the transmission, allowing the transmission to shift into the gear you want it in.

There is typically more than one shift solenoid inside your transmission, and if even one fails, it can cause a few different issues.

Signs that may mean you need your shift solenoid replaced could include erratic shifting, transmission not shifting gears, and even the check engine light appearing.

The price to replace a shift solenoid can vary from car to car and can cost anywhere from $250 to $600 once you add in labor fees.


Transmission Flush

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A transmission flush is a process of removing all the oil in the transmission and running new oil through it and finally replacing the oil with 100% new oil.

This process helps to remove debris and any sludge.

A transmission flush can cost anywhere from $100 to $250 depending on the car, your location, the shop and its equipment, along with the amount of fluid required.


Rebuilding VS. Replacing A Transmission

The big money in transmission repair comes down to whether you want to replace it, rebuild it or get one that is remanufactured. The prices for each, again, can range depending on a variety of things, including location, the mechanic, the make and model of the car and the overall shape the vehicle is in.

On average, the cost of transmission replacement can range from $4,000 to $8,000. Rebuilding the transmission comes in a little cheaper with an average between $2,800 to $3,800. If you are looking at a remanufactured transmission, the average comes in a little lower at between $1,700 to $3,800.


Transmission Repair – Is It Worth the Price?

Yes, transmission repair can be pricey, but with the proper maintenance throughout the lifespan of the vehicle, that price may not be so intimidating.

If you notice any of the issues mentioned above, make an appointment to have your vehicle transmission looked at by a trained mechanic and make sure to get multiple quotes to fit your financial needs.

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