Having the right air pressure in your tires can help you get the most ride out of your tire by helping to reduce wear and tear. Maintaining proper pressure levels can also save you money on gas to the tune of about 11 cents per gallon and lets you drive on the tire about 4,000 miles longer.

But the most important reason to make sure your tires have the right inflation level is safety. An underinflated or overinflated wheel is a safety hazard that could lead to a blowout or accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, underinflated tires contribute to about nine percent of car accidents that are caused by poorly maintained tires.

Luckily tire pressure gauges have evolved beyond the stick with what looked like a thermometer that popped out to more advanced and digital features to make measuring your tire pressures less of a hassle.

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How We Chose Our Ratings

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To come up with our final rating for each gauge, we look at customer reviews and testimonials, data about the products, and general brand reputation.

Top Eight Best Tire Pressure Gauges

The AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge has finger indentations built into the grip so that you can get a firm grasp on the device when you use it to measure your tire’s air pressure. The LCD is backlit to make it easier to read the display when you’re in an area that’s dark or in the shadow of your vehicle.

The digital gauge takes the guesswork of having to figure out the exact reading of counting lines from an analog system.  The gauge’s nozzle also lights up so that you can make sure you’re connecting with the tire’s stem. You can use the AstroAI Gauge to check the air pressure on your bicycle, motorcycle, car, and truck. However, you can’t use the device with tires that have Presta stems.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to use the AstroAI because it’s very user-friendly. Press the device’s power button to turn it on and choose the range (PSI, Bar, cm2, or KPA) to get the measurement you need. The nozzle seals onto the stems on Schrader valves to give you a reading that’s accurate to a decimal point.

The AstroAI can measure tires with capacities up to:

  • 150 PSI
  • 10 Bar
  • 10 cm2
  • 1000KPA

If you forget to switch it off after your results, the gauge turns itself off after 40 seconds so that it doesn’t drain the four lithium metal batteries that it uses for power. You can easily store this compact device in your glove compartment since it’s only about five inches long and two inches wide. Also, the gauge comes with a one-year warranty.

Over 2,500 buyers reviewed their experience with the AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, and nearly 80 percent of them have given it five stars. Users were happy with the battery life, saying that the batteries that came with the gauge lasted about a year before you would need to replace them.

Also, some customers were pleasantly surprised that the device looks cheaply made but found that the readings were accurate when tested and compared to gas station gauges. People liked that the AstroAI is pocket-sized, portable, and very easy to use.

Although everything seems to be digitized these days to keep up with technology, some people still prefer, enjoy, and feel it’s more reliable to do things the old-fashioned way. If you prefer an analog tire pressure gauge or want to have a back-up one in case the batteries on your digital one dies, then you might like the TireTek Premium Tire Pressure Gauge.

Even though it doesn’t have a digital display, the dial is large and easy to read with a two-inch face and black numbers against a white background. The chuck tip provides a superior seal so that air doesn’t leak while you’re getting your reading.

If it turns out that your tire is overinflated, the gauge has a relief valve that you can press while measuring that lets the air out of the tire until you get to the recommended pressure.

The TireTek is adjusted to ANSI B40.1 Grade B precision to provide an accurate determination of your tire’s air pressure. The thick rubber cover that looks like a tire delivers a good grip and prevents the gauge from damage if you drop it. The chuck swivels 360 degrees so that you can read the dial from any angle which makes it easier when you’re squatting down to check a tire’s pressure.

The TireTek costs about $15 and the company is so sure that this tire pressure gauge will not fail you that they offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Over 2,200 Amazon customers reviewed their TireTek purchase, and almost 85 percent of them gave this gauge a five-star rating. Many buyers liked that you didn’t have to worry about battery life since the device doesn’t require any, felt that it was easy to use, and thought the product was well made.

Users said the dial was easy to read, the release button to correct tire pressure while still reading was a great time saver, and that overall, they would highly recommend the TireTek Premium Tire Pressure Gauge.

The Astro 3018 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is a multi-purpose tool because you can get your tire pressure reading on the device’s face, but you can also use it to inflate and deflate your wheels until you achieve the desired measurement. You can set the readout to show you the pressure in BAR, PSI, or KG.   

The digital display is large which makes it easy to read and is backlit so that you can see it even in dim lighting. The gauge is accurate to the nearest decimal point and has a 21-inch braided hose made of stainless steel with a rubber bend guard for added flexibility.

If you need to change the batteries, you don’t have to take apart the gauge. To access the battery port, you have to pull back the rubber sleeve around the display and remove the battery cover. The chuck clip is durable brass and locks on to your tire’s stem so that you can use one hand to operate the gauge.

The Astro 3018 shuts off automatically after about two minutes of inactivity to help preserve battery life and comes with a one-year warranty.  

Over 1,200 buyers reviewed their Astro 3018 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, and almost 80 percent of them rated the product with five stars. People who are fans of the 3018 like how durable it is, how easy it is to read the digital display without having to squint to see measurement lines on analog dials, and the ease with which you can inflate or deflate a tire.

Rhino USA is so sure that they make the best tire pressure gauge that they offer a lifetime warranty on their product. This analog gauge has a heavy-duty brass chuck that swivels 360 degrees and is set at a 45-degree angle so that you don’t have to be a contortionist to get the right angle to connect to your tire stem.

The two-inch dial reads pressure from zero to 75 PSI, and the measurements glow in the dark so that you can see them when there’s not enough lighting. The dial comes sealed in a sturdy rubber cover that lets you get a firm grip and protects the gauge if you should accidentally drop it.

The air hose that runs from the chuck to the dial is braided and designed to prevent leaks. The gauge also has a bleed valve to let you deflate your tire if you’re over the suggested measurement. 

Almost 1,500 people who bought Rhino USA’s Tire Pressure Gauge reviewed their purchase, and nearly 90 percent of them felt the product was worth five stars. Buyers said that it was easy to read, easy to use, and appeared to be as accurate as the manufacturer claims. People liked the length of the braided hose and the rotating chuck and said it makes it easier and less uncomfortable to get to the valve.

If you’re out on the road and feel like your tires might be losing air, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that can not only gauge your tire pressure but also lets you add air to the tire? Or if your car has a tire pressure monitoring system and the little light goes off to tell you that it’s time to check your tire pressure, would you prefer to avoid having to drive to the gas station to check?

If so, then you might be interested in the EPAuto Portable Air Compressor Pump

With the EPAuto, you plug the pump into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket, connect the chuck to the tire’s valve and screw it onto the stem. Once everything is connected, you can use the “M” button to select the display mode, so your readout can be KPA, BAR, PSI or KG/CM.

If you see that your readout is low or high, then you can press the “+” or “-“ buttons on the pump until you reach the recommended pressure and power on the compressor so that you can achieve the ideal tire pressure. The pump will automatically turn off when the tire matches the desired setting.  

You can use the EPAuto pump to adjust the air for tires on midsize SUVs, sedans, and bikes. You can use 12 Volt DC plugs to power the device, not 24V, so you shouldn’t use it for LT, HT, or truck tires. If it’s dark out when you need to use the pump, it also has a bright torch LED flashlight you can use to shed light on your tire stems, and the digital display is backlit.

Almost 5,000 people who purchased the EPAuto Portable Air Compressor provided feedback on their purchase, and about 75 percent of them give the pump five stars. Buyers liked that the reading on their tires was accurate to within 1 or 2 PSI, the pump is quiet, and that the whole system was straightforward to use.

Some users also liked that the power cords and filler cords were easy to keep organized and that the pump came in a storage bag making it convenient to put away until it’s needed. Also, people felt that $35 for a gauge that is also a pump was a reasonable price.

Craftsman has established their reputation as a quality tool-maker for over 90 years, and they might be the first name that comes to mind when you need a wrench or screwdriver, but did you know they also make a Programmable Digital Tire Gauge?

You can read the large blue backlit digital display even if you’re in a dark setting. If it’s night time, the screen can also be turned into a white LED flashlight to provide you with illumination so that you can see clearly.

You can program the desired tire pressure to your exact vehicle and get a measurement by just pushing the nozzle into the tire’s stem. The gauge will beep to let you know when the reading is complete and is safe to detach from the stem. You can get a reading using PSI or BAR, and the maximum pressure it can measure is 99 PSI.

If the tire is overinflated, the device has an air bleeder button to let air out and will beep when you reach the programmed setting.

The Craftsman gauge weighs less than three ounces which makes it lightweight and easy to transport in your toolbox or glove compartment. The two C batteries that you need to power the device come in the package.

About 85 percent of people who have purchased and reviewed their Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge gave it four or five stars because they felt that it was a quality product. 

One common issue that was shared by some who provided negative reviews was due to some people who felt that the batteries did not last long enough and were expensive to replace.

If you know about tires, then you’re familiar with the Michelin brand name as they are one of the biggest tire manufacturers in the world. Therefore, it stands to reason that they know how to make a Programmable Tire Gauge to help people properly maintain their wheels.

The gauge has a white LED flashlight located just under the nozzle that attaches to your tire stem which makes it easier for you to find the opening and connect the two. By programming the device, you can store the right pressure for both your front and rear tires so that when you do take a reading, the gauge can alert you to whether you’re under or overinflated.

Michelin’s Programmable Gauge is accurate to a degree and a half PSI, and the display will provide you a readout to 0.1 PSI. The device itself has a rubber grip to prevent it from slipping out of your hands when you measure your air pressure. However, the gauge’s head does not swivel so you might have to do a little bending to get the right angle.  

Besides the flashlight at the nozzle tip, the display itself is backlit, and the numbers are extra-large to make it easy to read day or night. Also, the device has an automatic shut-off feature so that it doesn’t drain the batteries if you forget to power it down. 

Over 500 people who purchased Michelin’s Programmable Tire Gauge gave feedback on their experience with it, and about 75 percent of them have rated it with five stars. Many buyers said that the battery on the device could last you up to three years and liked that they didn’t have to replace it very often. Also, users shared that the gauge is durable as some have owned theirs for years.

A lot of Michelin users also liked that the display has a large readout and that it was easy to program and use. Although the gauge weighs less than a pound, many reviewers said the device felt sturdy, well-made, and substantial in their hands. However, one thing that some people cautioned is that since the head does not swivel, it can be tricky to position the gauge to avoid releasing air.

With the Accutire Tire Pressure Gauge, you can program the device so that it stores your recommended pressure for your front and rear tires which means you don’t have to keep checking that table by the bottom of your car’s front door. The large display makes the numbers easy to read for both your “target” pressure and the current pressure.

You can set the gauge to measure in PSI or BAR, and it will provide you with a readout that is accurate within 0.05 PSI. The Accutire can read pressure up to 99 PSI and has an LED flashlight on the nozzle tip to make it easier to find and connect to your tire’s stem. Once you’ve finished taking your reading, the gauge has an automatic shut off so that you don’t have to worry if you forgot to shut it down manually.  

The device is ultra-lightweight at only 4.2 ounces. The device is ergonomically designed and has a rubber handle so that you can have a better grip while monitoring your tires.

Out of almost 1,000 customers who reviewed their Accutire Tire Pressure Gauge, about 80 percent rated the device with a four or five-star rating. Many buyers agree that the gauge is easy to use and that it’s convenient to have your recommended tire pressure setting stored and readily available when you need to check your air pressure.

A lot of purchasers also felt that the flashlight on the tip of the nozzle made it very easy to connect to the tire stem and thought that the reading provided was very accurate to within a degree.   

However, some people who gave negative reviews said they encountered situations where they needed to use the Accutire in the dead of winter and that the required CR2032 batteries do not work in cold weather which renders the gauge useless. So if you live somewhere that experiences low temperatures, that’s a factor to keep in mind.

Buyer’s Guide

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The main thing that could help you decide which is the best tire pressure gauge for you is whether you want to go digital or stay analog. Digital has its advantages because the gauges tend to be smaller, lightweight, have features like flashlights or being programmable, and they are typically much easier to read.

However, analog gauges tend to last longer and don’t rely on batteries, so they pretty much always work. If you’re in a situation where you need to measure your tire’s air pressure and you have a new digital gauge, but the battery is dead, that could be a major inconvenience.

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